About Us

The Present Moment Is All You Have 

Mindful Store was created with the intention of helping you connect to your inner wisdom and intuition. From endless distractions by devices to societal pressures that demand our energy, we are constantly surrounded by noise, causing an increasing divide in our attention. In the midst of it all, it has never been more important to take a breath and to be where your feet are. We believe if more people could find stillness and be attuned to who they are, the world would be more healed and a better place.

We seek to achieve that by offering carefully curated products that help you tap into that inner state of calm and knowing through meditative practices, whilst paying homage to the cultures and traditions that have introduced these timeless wisdom and techniques to the world.  

Kat and Mike started out as two friends with a mutual appreciation for meditation and mindfulness and its teachings. Fuelled by a desire to help people live in the now, led to the formation of a conscious and mindful concept store headquartered in the beautiful harbour city of Sydney, Australia. Whichever stage you are currently at in your mindfulness journey, we hope our products and content help guide you to a space of peace and equanimity.